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The update will download automatically when you log into the game.

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Nevertheless, the entire design of Zao took quite some time. The steppe, for instance, ought to have a genuinely vast feel to it and it took various weeks till each the content team and Jan had been happy with the colour palette of the region, specifically with the buildings. The original colours were much a lot more greyish-brownish mixed with green and purple, but it just looked boring somehow and it was not till red and black contrasts had been added that all have been finally happy with the general appear of the region.

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With the update, the borders of the following homes, which are all adjacent to water, have been changed back to like they were prior to the final summer time update: Fibula Villa, Greenshore Villa, Carlin Lonely Sea Side Hostel, Carlin Clanhall, Carlin East Lane 2, Thais Upper Swamp Lane 12 and Cormaya five. The river or sea borders now belong officially to the property once more. Hence, items can be placed on them and will not disappear throughout an update map reset. Also, the old rental price has been restored.

Jay Is Games – If you currently have a net site and you are not happy with the volume of site visitors that you are finding, then its time to take stock of the way that you are at the moment operating.

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