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Jan mentions that the request for a steppe- or savannah-like environment came from the content group and was flying around as an concept for a extremely extended time: “We felt that this would give us a quite fascinating mix to perform with in addition to the corruption theme and a shot of visually Asian seeking influences and also permit us to produce one thing new and distinctive to the current locations in Tibia. The pool of environment graphics in Tibia is vast and can already be combined in lots of diverse strategies to attain all sorts of atmospheres, but we expanded on that a fantastic deal once more with this update with reusable far more generic floor textures. Even the rather major landmark stone dragon statue that can be located at the big gate can be put with each other in various methods.”

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With the update, the borders of the following homes, which are all adjacent to water, have been changed back to like they had been prior to the final summer update: Fibula Villa, Greenshore Villa, Carlin Lonely Sea Side Hostel, Carlin Clanhall, Carlin East Lane 2, Thais Upper Swamp Lane 12 and Cormaya 5. The river or sea borders now belong officially to the residence again. Hence, things can be placed on them and will not disappear for the duration of an update map reset. Also, the old rental value has been like fable

3) Use Viral Marketing and advertising Also, the old rental price has been restored.

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In Zao, characters can also earn the tibia account suitable to wear a new outfit. Both the all round theme of the update and the war program inspired Jan to design the impressive warmaster outfit: “I wanted to take the opportunity to build some thing that goes along effectively with that, some thing Tibia Gold to go to war with, that looks cool in an epic battle. I appreciate these large battle scenes exactly where armies of effectively equipped warriors with little flags on their backs charge at each and every other, some smashing into each other wildly, other people forming a disciplined phalanx with their naginatas, order amongst all this wild chaos, no worry…glory!” So it appears that the Samurai Tibia Products theme was an easy decision.

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Back in November, we implemented the so-referred to as snap-backs on all game worlds due to the introduction of the no-blocking gameplay feature on Optional PvP worlds. Primarily based on the comprehensive feedback we received after the autumn patch, we have decided to make some adjustments. From now on, they only occur when it is in fact probable to stack into the other creature, character or object. That signifies snap-backs no longer take place on Open and Hardcore PvP worlds. On Optional PvP worlds, stacks and snap-backs only occur with other characters that are not involved in a guild war with you, with summoned creatures of such characters and also with magic walls and wild development created by such characters.

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