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Any one who says girls and ladies never like playing video games is just out of touch. So frequently handheld games have some of the worst, most painful control configurations recognized to man, but Project INF’s controls are comparatively seamless and I identified them pretty intuitive. Given that Cestos is cost-free, and everybody requires the occasional bathroom break, I would advocate you get on the Android market place and download this game now. The iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011 and it was the very first iPhone released in over 15 months. It is, uh, a little dark, but it’s also a wonderful roguelike dungeon-crawler to play with buddies.

Dungeon Defenders – released January 13, 2011 for Mac, Xbox Reside Marketplace, PS3 Network, Computer, iPhone, iPad, Android and Linux. It is basically Pictionary for your Android device – without the paper of course. Broforce – Broforce can get really challenging actually quickly, but it’s a ton of exciting if you have somebody to play with. It is obtainable for Mac, Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation 3 Network, Pc, WiiU, and Linux.

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