Finer Values for the Fine Gaming Option

In less than a year, the video game has become the most popular game in the world, and especially one of the most profitable. He owes his enormous success to a seductive game mode, the Royal Battle, as well as a free download template.

Decryption of the rise of a game that has become a real social phenomenon

  • The incredible success of the online video game, linked to the free of charge model

The incredible success of the online video game is largely due to its free model and its engaging “Battle Royale” concept

When it was launched in July 2017, there was no hint of the phenomenal success that would have achieved in less than a year. However, for the last month of March, it estimated $220 million revenue generated by the video game created by Epic Games studios. At that time, the game was number 1 in global console sales, and fifth on PC. Some 150 million players in the world have already been seduced by the game on all types of platforms. Huge figures for this game with childish graphics, become in a few months a heavyweight in the video game industry.

An attractive “Battle Royale” concept

This is a free game combining shooting, survival and construction. Originally, the goal for the player was to defend the human race against hordes of zombies who attack it. A month after its release in July 2017 on PC, Mac and console, the game brings together a million players on its online games. But what will make it switch to a completely different commercial dimension is the release last September of his second free mode: the “Battle Royale”.

The concept of the “Battle Royale” could not be simpler. 100 players online are parachuted on a desert island where there are hidden weapons. Participants compete in an area that is reduced to the last survivor standing. This one contrasts with the ultra-military realism of his Korean rival. In here , players compete against each other with often absurd design weapons, without ever being splashed by the slightest drop of blood. The speed of sequencing between games (usually lasting less than 15 minutes each) also contributes to the popularity of this game.

A free model and a monumental audience

One of the main advantages of Battle Royale is that it can be downloaded for free on almost any medium: PC, console, or smartphones. Online gambling has adopted a popular “free to pay” model. Clearly, the game only pay for optional content: aesthetic accessories or hero outfits, which can be sold each between 5 and 15 dollars.

In the meantime, its success is so great that according to Bloomberg, Activision-Blizzard and Take Two , creators of the Call of Duty , Destiny and Grand Theft Auto games, lost 11% and 12% respectively in March quotation. Since then, it continues to impose its ubiquity on all media. Epic Games launched on April 2 its application for Iphone. The use of the Cartoon Strike unblocked 66 happens to be the perfect option here