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In “Legion” expansion for World of Warcraft, a new class of Demon Hunter appeared which immediately became very popular. This happened not only because of the novelty but also because of its unique capabilities. In the next “Battle for Azeroth” expansion, developers want to emphasize the individuality of each class, and Demon Hunters will not be an exception. There is no exact information on this matter. Presumably, the authors will focus on “Metamorphosis”, sigils, rework AoE-skills and make a balance of abilities that accumulate and spend a special resource (rage/pain).

The Demon Hunter is a unique class that has a number of its own advantages with respect to other archetypes. At the head of the corner is its dual dashing mobility, as well as planning with the help of open wings. This helps to quickly enter and exit the fights. His tattoos serve simultaneously as a defense (“Demonic Wards”). Demon Hunter can throw their paired glaives, they ricochet and inflict damage on multiple opponents. Spectral sight helps in the search for treasure, allows you to look beyond the walls and even see the enemy in a state of invisibility. Especially useful against the Rogues and Ferals in PVP. Ability “Metamorphosis” at the same time gives the opportunity to throw control over the enemy.

Before starting farming 110-120 for the Demon Hunter, you need to understand its specializations. Branches “Vengeance” and “Havoc” have a similar mechanics, in which some skills accumulate a special resource and stronger that spend it. Even so, there is a significant difference between them. The tank specialization “Vengeance” focuses on self-healing, passive absorption of damage, sigils with different protection effects. In this case, Demon Hunters in this thread also do good damage, which makes them useful in raids and dungeons. Attacking specialization “Havoc” stakes on the maximum damage due to skills “Blades of Chaos”, “Nemesis”, “Metamorphosis”. Demon hunters with this branch can rely on their AoE damage because of the Eye Beam and Blade Dance. “Vengeance” and “Havoc” are similar in macro rotations and general mechanics. If to generalize, then tanks Demon Hunters restore health, live longer, and as damage dealers bring more damage and have a good AoE.

With the expansion “Battle for Azeroth”, the bar of the maximum level will rise. On this background, the current 110-120 WoW boost becomes urgent for the rapid development of high-level content. Demon Hunters of the Horde and the Alliance will be leveling on different continents. The first will go to Zandalar – a place that has become a cradle for the troll empire. The second receive level 120 will be on Kul-Tiras – the mainland of seafaring people. Only after reaching the maximum level you can go to enemy territory.

For the Alliance, an approximate chaining sequence will be as follows:

  • Stormsong Valley. Story chain with the same ruling house, the disclosure of the curse of marine priests. The final quest will be sent to the dungeon “Shining Storm”.
  • The line of assignments with Lady Wakecrest and her alliance with ghosts. Players will plunge into the history of the location, which became home to druids and witches. The story ends with a tradition in a dungeon mission, this time it’s called “Wakecrest Manor”.
  • Tyragarde Pomorie. Assignments are connected with the house of Proudmoore and the invasion of pirates. Dungeon “Free Harbor” will send 5 players to battle with bandits of all stripes.
  • To reach level 120 Hunters on Demons from the Horde they will have to do the following route on Zandalar:
  • The site is dedicated to the enslavement of blood trolls. For pumping will have to do a story line with the entrance to Necropolis, where the local god Bwonsamdi will meet. Also, in the course of the set of levels in the location, it is necessary to find out the cause of the spoilage on Zandalar and to go to the dungeon “Pidgin”.
  • According to the plot in the location with the capital of the mainland, Demon Hunters should investigate the troll revolt against the legitimate government. There are two dungeons for pumping – “The Peace of the King” and “Atal’Dazar”
  • In the vast desert spaces, the plot tasks will be related to the volleys, foxes of humanoids and hostile snares. The dungeon “Setarlis Temple” completes the main chain in the location.

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